The Road Taken

Kinnaur is the only place in India where we get delicious apples blooming in the orchards and the trees of the Himalayas.Kinnaur has its headquarters in Reckong Peo,a small subdivisional town where there is some life thriving in the Himalayan abode.Kinnaur is spread across other areas like Kalpa,Karcham and Tapri and is a very renowned and prominent place in the lap of the Greater Himalayas.

Apple Trees


Reckong Peo


Sangla Valley



I visited Kinnaur by travelling a whooping distance of around 14 hours in a deluxe coach from Chandigarh crossing Shimla,Karcham and Tapri and getting glimpses of important peaks like Raldang,Jorkanden and Kinnaur Kailash in the mid way.I traveled in the summer months of June so the weather was free from climatic disturbances and dark clouds and the road taken was not easy to traverse.The peaks were crystal clear and we managed to catch sight of deodar trees,pine and plenty of rhodendrons and the lush green alpine meadows.

Reckong Peo and surrounding environment


Mountains of the Greater Himalayas


Reckong Peo



It was around 9 am in the morning when we reached Reckong Peo and managed to get a small budgeted hotel to spend the day as we were very tired and exhausted and did not take any chances to travel elsewhere.Next day early morning we visited the districts of Kalpa,Karchaam Dam and meet and interact with the locals and the traditional food of Kinnaur.The important places that were left were covered and planned in the last day which included Sangla valley and Chitkul Tibet border.Ater crosssing Sangla,we visited the last province of Kinnaur which was Chitkul to get the complete package and the splendor of the mighty Himalayas and the beauty embracing the region.It was an awesome feeling to land in Chitkul,the last village and the most beautiful place in the Kinnaur district.When we arrived,the sun was about to vanish and the setting color of the sun created a blaze in the surroundings making a panoramic halo across the whole scene.



Snowy mountains of Chitkul


The mountains were ravishing and glowing and the chillness took our breadth away and I just ponder about this place everyday in my daily life and encourage young travelers to make this in their priority list for the future.Kinnaur is rightly known as the Land of Gods and considered very sacred due to the presence of pristine mountains,the hospitable nature of the people and the presence of flowers,Himalayan shrubs and wilderness makes it a succinct place in the lap of Himalayas.


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