The magic of snowing around and an inclination towards mountain adventure has always been my passion since childhood and I embrace the fact that the interest still lies inside me and has not worn out in any form.I find it very exciting and stimulating to be snowing around other snow lovers whenever I do get free time from my busy schedule.





Towards Solang


I go for mountain adventure atleast once a month to experience the natural beauty and to keep the wanderlust inside me alive.It helps you to enliven your spirit and keep your soul very peaceful and not get perturbed by the daily percussions of life.I don’t mind being surrounded by the mountains around me and the people who love this art and feature.I don’t mind getting detached from work,family and friends for some time to experience the grandeur of pristine mountains and snowing around.It also helps to keep myself fit ,active and healthy and be prepared for every phase of life.

Snow across Zero point


Snowing all around




Snowy Alps of Chitkul


I would be snowing around mostly in the winter months of December,January and sometimes even in May,June in the glacial masses of Northern Himalayas amidst other adventure lovers and enthusiasts.I would also be taking weird photographs of Nature,empyrean and environment and compare it with others and rate it and give a rank.Sometimes,we tend to feel very humble,real,free and blessed in doing so and forget all pains and sufferings happening in real life.


5 thoughts on “The magic of snowing around

  1. Yes it depends on the individual but I have seen that mostly spiritual people fall in love with them.Others just come to witness the beauty and the grandeur..


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